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How Did I Get Here


I was in my last year of university when when my mental health tanked out. After spending over a week barely able to leave my appartment I asked for help and found myself in a therapists office, diagnosed with depression. Talking felt good. At times it helped. 

And so my cycle of feeling better and later crashing emotionally when things built up and life got lifey, had me seeking more help over the years and racking up more diagnosis: anxiety, panic attacks, paranoid thoughts, chronic pain, social axiety, the list goes on.

I was learning to deal with the diagnosis', not finding ways to heal them. I was walking through life wearing a masked smile, desperately trying to cope with feeling like a brokendown mess and it was only getting worse. And in an act of desperation, I tired something different. 

I will be forever grateful to a friend that refered my to my own coach. Over the course of a year I had witnessed such incredible change in them, when I fould myself needing needing more help, trying something different ....

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