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Hey There.

You are here for a reason.

Whether you are experiencing burnout, symptoms of anxiety, depression, or trauma, or you are feeling stuck in life with no roadmap to where you want to be.

You are looking for something different.

Hi! I'm Sarah.


I want to help. As someone that has personally struggled with diagnosis of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, and more; I am here to tell you there is a way through it and you can heal. This is not the end of your story.

I spent years in traditional therapy, visiting doctors, taking medication, repeating affirmations, reading self help books, and attending group therapy. This made some difference, but never really got to the root of the problem. When life got extra lifey, I would cycle back to feeling broken again. It took a friend recommending something new, something so simple and yet radically different for me to make a lasting shift towards real change.


I am here to tell you that healing is possible. Being whole is acheivable. I am a coach because no one should be left believing there is no way out. There is a path to real change and as a certified coach with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP, I can help you find it. 

In addition to being an emotional flexibility coach, I have a BFA in Performings Arts & Theatre Education from Emerson College. I have spent years performing and producing theatre in both the USA & Canada. As a performing artist and educator, I have always found joy in working with others and helping them succeed in being their best selves.

For those in the arts community I have a unique perspective on how we as artists use our emotions and life experience in our work. Our emotional history can allow us to create incredible art and at times leave us feeling raw and at a loss when trying to resolve all the feelings and tramas we tap into when we are creating. Having the right tools and support to resolve emotional loose ends will put you on on the path to being a more flexible, emotionally resilient, and healthy artist.

No matter what your background, as your coach I get to work with you in creating a roadmap to becoming the most healthy, vibrant version of you. 

  • What is Hypnotherapy?
    OK. So what is hypnosis?⁠ *Have you ever been relaxed? ⁠ ⁠ *Have you ever been really tired when your eyelids were so tired, and you weren’t asleep, but your eyelids were so tired, you were like it felt so good to close them? ⁠ ⁠ *Have you ever been talking with somebody, so engrossed in that conversation that the whole world around you disappeared, and you could see only that person? ⁠ ⁠ All of those are hypnotic phenomena. Hypnosis is something that we do naturally.⁠ Everybody does. When you drive and automatically get from point A to B⁠ and you’re not sure how you got there, but you drove safely all the way.⁠ ⁠You were in a trance. Trance is the most normal, natural thing and all of us do it. ⁠ Hollywood often shows hypnosis as a power over someone. It’s not. All of us can tap into hynotic states. We can all shift into trance, connect to the unconcious mind and help ourselves get out of stress. ⁠To relax into absolutely quiet in a state of peace. 🧘🏻‍♀️⁠ In a session I may hypnotize you in pursuit of allowing your unconscious mind to unlock it’s hidden hardwired limiting beliefs. You always have control of the suggestions given and the actions taken. I simply hold the keys to unlock it and you have to push open the door.
  • What is Time Line Therapy (TLT)?
    Time Line Therapy® is an advanced form of NLP which allows people to let go of negative emotions, like Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt. It also allows people to get rid of limiting decisions like “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t have what I want”. TLT also gives you a specific program for creating a future you want. Think of your brain like a computer. If you don't update the software new programs and apps have difficulty running or at time won't run at all. When you are trying to change your mental health, behaviours, or goals and run them through old software programs there is going to be difficulty. We can clear emotional blocks faster with Time Line Therapy® and NLP. You don’t have to be a prisoner to your emotions.
  • What is this type of coaching good for?
    There are so many ways NLP & TLT can help. Here are some areas it can make an impact in: Communication Productivity Chronic Pain Management Personal Development Behavioral Issues Learning Disabilities Bad Habits Public Speaking Negotiation Anxiety & Stress Substance Abuse & Addiction Weight Loss Depression Phobias Self-Confidence Relationships
  • What is NLP?
    NLP is short-form for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s the study of how our minds work and how we can use our own subconscious mind to generate real conscious results. Most of us work with only the 10% of our conscious minds. We will tap into the other 90%, the subconscious, to create real and lasting change.
  • What do I need to know about our first session?
    Your first intake session will begin with a simple question, "Why are you here today". From there we will work together to map out the areas where you are seeking change and decide what that change looks like once achived. Once we know why you are here and where you want to be in the future, we can figure out the next step and come up with a plan.
  • How will I know if it is working?
    During your initial intake we will uncover what ‘success’ would look like for you. Every patient is different so no one-size-fits-all applies. Together, we will determine what it looks like and how we can get there. Your goals become your roadmap.
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Be Light 1:1 Services

All of our coaching services are one-on-one sessions held remotely via Zoom.

Each session and package is geared towards your goals and personal journey. 

Enlightening Intake Session

This 2 hour healing session will allow us to learn more about the type of support you are looking for and discover the unconscious roots to what is holding you back. By the time you leave you'll feel more clarity, have new perspective, and see your desired path.

Pathway to Resiliency

An in depth journey unwinding the cocoon of patterns and limiting decisions holding you back. This coaching approach is tailored to your needs and will reconnect you will self, set personal goals, and help you navigate your healing path. 


Healing Journey

If you are ready for great change in your life this deep reset is a life altering, transformative opportunity for healing. These coaching sessions are calibrated to your desires, setting you on the path to empowerment and growth.

Ready to learn more? Book a 30 minute Discovery Chat below.

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