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Books (& stuff) that Make My Brain Happy

The following books are ones that have filled my cup, expanded my knowledge, and just made me feel excited on my own healing journey. I find myself recommending them to friends and clients all the time because they are just too good not to share. Enjoy!

Your body's telling you: love yourself, by Lise Bourbeau

This book doesn't leave my night stand. Anytime I feel a shift in my physical health I find this book helps me find focus and dig below the surface of what is going on. If you have ever been curious about the connection between emotions and physical health this book is truly eye opening.

Mind Over Medicine, by Lissa Rankin, MD

Mind Over Medicine, By Lissa Rankin, M.D.

This incredible book teaches readers how to listen to their bodies and assess all areas of their lives--relational, psychological, creative, environmental, professional--to understand what they need for health.

Quantum Healing, by Deepak Chopra, MD

This book was mind blowing. I highly recommend this revised edition. Originally writen in 1989, this updated edition further delves into the exploration of mind/body medicine. If you have ever wanted to better understand how the unconcious mind affects your physical wellbeing this book will open up that knowledge for you.

My Brilliant Year Goals Workbook

Leonie is a creative fantastic soul and her journals are such a joy to work with. Offering both life and business version, they guide the user to look inside and pull out the magic that lies in each of us. Available in electronic printable and bound versions.

The Happy Planner

These planners are brilliant. Colourful, impactful, useful, and packed with good vibes. I’ve been using these planners for years and can’t start the new year without one. In addition to daily planners they also carry journals and accessories.

Joyful and so uplifting to look at. These artfully designed cards offer insightful focus and affirmations for contemplation. I love pulling one in the morning to set the tone for the rest of my day.

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